March 23rd 2021

Ten Years: The Big Giveaway


It’s almost ten years since the first edition of The Big Keep was published. Back then there was a Kindle edition and I had several hundred copies printed by one of Theresa's friend’s husband. As always I was in a hurry. I'd read the original manuscript a couple of times and Theresa had pulled it to pieces on various occasions, including during a city break (remember those?) in Valencia when I showed it to her for the first time - the manuscript that is. Soon, I was convinced that it was perfect and contained no mistakes but, of course, I was wrong. Imagine my horror on opening one of the printed copies and finding at least thirty typos. Over the years I have found more errors. Edition has followed edition, both in the paperback and Kindle format. It's easy to forget that published authors are backed up by an army of editors and proof readers and others. Writers like me don’t – I only enjoy the support and occasional laughing contempt of an ex English teacher.  


I've not been idle for the past few months. I have gone through the trilogy with a fine tooth comb until I am sure as I can be that they are typo and embarrassing-English-free. The Big Sister and The Big Finish were also published hastily and they too have been subject to many revisions until this last one.  So it has taken me about 10 years to get them right. Let that be a lesson to people considering publishing a book - take your time! There is no hurry, no deadline. Your main priority should be to get the books as perfect as they can be. And, if you love writing, it shouldn’t be a chore to go through editing your work. For me, it's the best bit about producing a novel.  


So here's the deal. This weekend I'm giving away all three of the trilogy in their Kindle format as a kind of The Big Giveaway (get it?). It's supposedly to mark the tenth anniversary of my first foray into publishing, but really it's to celebrate my finally getting it right. My advice, if you've already downloaded the books, is to delete them and download the updated versions at the weekend. There are no plot changes or anything like that, just subtle differences in sentence construction and the elimination of typos. You will also be contributing to my own peace of mind, ravaged as it is by OCD.  


Of course if you want a new copy of the paperback versions , which have new covers, you’ll have to put your hand in your pocket. Sorry, I can't do anything about that.