May 2nd 2021

                                                                          Neil Mackenzie Rides Again

Or should that be sails? Probably - anyway you guessed it - I’ve been writing another book through the various lockdowns. And, as things stand, I’m done because, as I write this, there aren’t any more Neil Mackenzie stories in my creative locker. It’s as empty as the moral fortitude supply at Number Ten.

So, I hear you cry, what’s this one about? Well, it started with an idea I had years ago when I was having dinner with Theresa on a cruise somewhere. Every day when we were leaving the restaurant, we would pass a table for two seating a middle-aged, thickset man and his wife. I couldn’t help but notice his appalling table manners: he held his cutlery in two podgy fists and was usually shovelling his food down his mouth with gay abandon. I remarked to Theresa that somebody ought to shoot the bastard because of the way he ate and, in Death on a Cruise, somebody does just that.

 I know, how on earth could I go about building a convincing plot around that as a starting point? Well, all I can say is, I’ve tried. It took a lot of doing, because on a cruise the wall-to-wall CCTV means that it’s hard to get away with anything, let alone building a convincing narrative. So I’ll leave it to both of my readers to judge.

Death on a Cruise comes out in late May on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.